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John B Anderson

I am originally from Iowa but have lived in the Pacific Northwest since 1981. I studied visual arts and many other things at The Evergreen State College, where I graduated with a BA in 1985. Most of my working life has been in information technology. I was a Java application developer for about twenty years. Over this time I continued developing on my own as an artist, picking up classes now and then at the Gage Academy and elsewhere. Stemming from long experience with photography, I explored a style of drawing with oil pastel using photos as image source. Work from this period highlights the behavior of light and shadow. The focus moved towards the study of light and architectural forms, with an increasing lean toward abstraction. After leaving the world of IT in 2016, I fully re-engaged my image making pursuits. Today my work draws attention to the phenomena of sight, recognition, the relationship between abstraction and representation, and the tactile nature of discovery.

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